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New Year. New Resolutions.

Hello everyone, crazy that were already three days into 2017. I feel like I’ve achieved absolutely nothing so far, apart from eating far too much food. But I want to change that, so every year we all come up with resolutions that we never stick to. But I am going to talk about a list of determinations rather than resolutions because then I feel like I’ll stick to them – well I’ll try.

My first ‘determination’ is to eat and drink healthier – a very popular resolution. The reason for this is because the week before Christmas I had a take out every single night. I really want to start making smoothies and meals for work that are not pot noodles. I really wanted to get a breville blender last year but my mum talked me out of it, due to there being no room in the kitchen for it. That is about it to change, I’ll keep it in my room if I have to. The reason I don’t eat healthy is because I don’t know how to cook – leads me on to the next determination.

My second ‘determination’ is to learn to cook, I know how to cook basic food but not set meals and a variety of food. I have started watching Niomi Smart on YouTube and I was really inspired by her, so as soon as I get paid I plan on purchasing her book ‘Eat Smart’ to try out some new food.

My third ‘determination’ is to spend more time on myself by working out, reading more and getting a good amount of sleep. Sounds more like three separate things but they all tie together. I want to workout first thing in the mornings, read more in the evening rather than watching TV and get at least eight hours of sleep at night. I was following Anna Saccone’s workout videos for the majority of the year but my bladder pain tends to put a holt in that plan, but instead of stopping it completely I’ll only stop during spasms. And hopefully not be on this twelve week waiting list at the hospital forever – fingers crossed.

My last ‘determination’ is to spend more time with my fluffy bestfriend, I used to walk him all the time and take him everywhere and since starting my new job I have stopped. The main reason was because I didn’t have as much spare time as I used to, and also after he was attacked by another dog it made me really anxious. I worried I could not protect him anymore and that he’d be too frightened. But today I started to move forward on this determination and took Woody to the beach with my partner Ryan. Woody had an amazing time, we passed many many dogs and we just tried to keep our distance to avoid any mishaps but he did approach a few dogs which was a great improvement. I hope that I will be able to continue with that as he has gave me cuddles and loads of attention since we’ve been back. And for him to prefer my company to my mother’s is very unusual, obviously his favourite person tonight.

I hope you all have a wonderful start to the New Year and let me know what your ‘determinations’ are.
I’m going to start regularly uploading, possibly every Sunday with a new post to get back into my blog.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Aimeé 💜



Hat – New Look

Scarf – River Island

Wellington Boots – Hunter 


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