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My Little Box: January 2017

Hello everyone, I recieved my first box of the year, but this time it was not a box. It was a bag – yes you read that right I recieved my little bag. I was pleasantly surprised but it is not a change they will be making permanently. 

The bag was huge and it felt very heavy before I opened it so I was very excited to see what was inside.

I have to say I am glad they have stopped the little magazine as sometimes there was not anything interesting in them.

The first few things I pulled out were:

My Little Box Snood

My Little Box Timeless Planner

Inspirational Cards

I thought these were very lovely and the fact that at the bottom of each one there is the name of the book, where to buy it and how much it is. 

The planner is beautiful from the colours to the page inside. This was my favourite part of last year’s January box as they always look lovely and have pages that keep you organised and on track.

The Snood is a lightweight and soft material with little light pink and light blue patches over it. I styled it up parisian style with:

Zara Mustard Padded Faux Fur Coat

ASOS Navy and White Stripped 3/4 length sleeved top

Pull & Bear High waisted jeans

And after all that I still recieved four beauty items(!!). 
My Little Beauty Body Lotion

My Little Beauty Morning Cream

Merci Handy Toothpaste Berry Flavoured 

Garnier Honey Treatment 

The Body lotion is something I’ve never recieved before but smells lovely. The morning cream I have had before, I’ve actually had it in two or three previous boxes but it is a nice product and I will use it or gift it as a gift with other products. The toothpaste is something I’ve never recieved in a box before, it was berry flavour and I tried it yesterday it was basically like brushing my teeth with blackcurrant soothers which was nice. The hair treatment has left my hair feeling lovely and smooth. It smelled amazing as well,  really made me want to try the rest of their products.

Overall I was extremely pleased with this month’s box, has gave me great expectations for next months which will be back to its original format – a box. 

Let me know what your favourite item was, and it you are looking to subscribe to this just visit

Aimeé 💜


2 thoughts on “My Little Box: January 2017

  1. Thanks for this blog post Aimee. I’m thinking about subscribing to my little box but was curious to see what kind of products you get and if it’s worth it. I’ll hopefully be subscribing soon.


  2. Your very welcome, yeah it’s good to see what has been in previous boxes before subscribing so you know it’s for you. When I first checked it out, they had a section on their website for checking out previous ones, not sure if they still do. Hope you love it!
    Aimeé 😊

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