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Business is Blooming

Good evening everyone, I can’t believe how long it has been since I updated you guys on my little business. Well a lot has happened in a year we had a little rebrand, I kick started my Etsy shop properly, added some new prints and much more. I applied the new brand pattern and colours to a variety of prints, mainly Harry Potter ones and they have became my best sellers…

I do have other prints for weddings, anniversaries, families, friends etc but Harry Potter fans are my largest customers so I love to make them more to purchase. So I have been busy, with Valentine’s Day approaching I made up some cards, from Harry Potter, to Frozen and even Star Wars.

There are some rude humour Harry Potter ones, because why not lol. They have actually been selling very well and I’ve nearly sold 100 valentines cards, but that is mainly because I plucked up the courage and opened up my Etsy shop to international shipping, very scary but exciting. 

I’ve had sales from, France, Germany, Australia, Ireland and USA so far, its a great feeling knowing my work is going across the world. My newest addition to my shop is a Harry Potter Acceptance Letter Print with a hogwarts wax seel.

I absolutely love them, I had received the wax seel kit as a gift at Christmas and knew I had to make something special for you Potter lovers out there. Who knows where my business will be this time next year but at 200 online sales and nearly 60 five star reviews on my Facebook page and online shop I certainly can’t complain. 

For those of you interested in browsing or buying my items I’ll leave the links below:

Etsy Shop
Share your photo on instagram and tag @entirelyyourown



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