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My Little Box March 2017

Hello everyone, I apologise that this post is later than usual but silly me forgot to update my new bank details on my subscription so it took a little longer to arrive, but it finally did. And it was unbelievably pink.

My little no filter box, well technically a bag. I’ve got so many make up bags these days but they never go to waste. I had seen a lot of pink posts on their instagram so I knew the items inside would be very pink. 

The first things I pulled out of the bag were the quote card, “you were born to be real not to be perfect.” Absolutely love that quote, next was a little notebook for beauty notes and contained a few at the front of the book. Next was a make up brush which is meant to make you look like you need no filter(hence the name of the box).

I haven’t had a chance to use the brush yet but damn it’s so soft! Like it was made front unicorn hair as its white and pink. 

The next items I pulled out was the rest of the beauty items, I was a bit confused as to why I had not one but two Laura Mercier primers but I’m not complaining. 

Inside that little pink box was a lovely pale pink nail vanish(which I’m going to use tonight while watching the Call the Midwife season finale). Such a lovely colour to wear around spring time and for international women’s day, I really wish I could purchase my little beauty items but they still don’t ship to the uk as of yet.

I was surprised at the size of this item, Calvin Klein deep euphoria perfume. I have never tried any of their perfume as I have a habit of sticking to my favourite which is Vera Wang princess. But this smells lovely and I’ve even put it on today for a change.

The last item was a bit of a mystery to me but how cute is the bubble wrap?!! I want it pleaseeee. But my first question was what the hell is a phone ring?

Asked and answered, I have to say it was a random and unexpected item but it could prove useful when I go away on holiday in June – selfie central. I absolutely loved this months box/bag it included quite a lot of items than normal I feel that my money is being well spent. Excited to try out the primer (specially since I received two) as I was running out of my body shop one. 

As always very happy and excited for next months box, always a little gift to myself.

If you are interested in signing up just check out their website
I’ve just bought a new machine for my shop called the big shot plus, so my next post will probably be on that and all the lovely things I can make for my shop.


Speak soon โœจ


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