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The Body Shop

Good evening everyone, a blog post has been long overdue since my little box has not arrived yet and I’m currently in bed rest after an operation. So what better to do than tell you about a massive sale and give you some skincare advice. I have been using The Body Shop now since around November and wow, cruelty free products and amazing prices. I’m going to be talking through their skincare ranges, bath and body products and some other extra pieces.

My obsession began after having their Advent calendar over the Christmas period, so I began with their skincare ranges. 

I began with the vitamin e range as I had received a sample pot of their moisturiser and it smelt lovely, and it was pink. Vitamin E helps lock in moisture and hydrate your skin, which is fabulous when your having one of those really dry skin days or just suffer from dry skin in general. I’ve been using their hydrating toner, night cream and day cream and it is fab, it also smells like Johnstone baby cream, sweet soft baby smell. One of the things I love most about Body Shop is that it’s cruelty free products, I mean I can’t talk about the rest of my make up drawer,  it knowing my skin care is not tested on animals is a start. So after using the for a month or so I tweeted them asking what was best to use for oily skin, I have oily and dry skin – how that is possible I’ll never know. There reply was to try out their seaweed range, so I went and done some online shopping. 

I purchased the toner, day cream, overnight gel and oil control lotion. And I have noticed a huge difference, from using both ranges. When I’m having very dry days I use the vitamin e range and when my skin is like a frying pan I turn to the seaweed range. I thought going from range to range would upset my skin but the body shop products are so gental and has not caused me any irritation or break outs. My least favourite product has to be the oil control lotion for some reason it adds to my oily face, not sure why it’s quite a thick cream but it’s just one product I can’t get used to. My absolute favourite is the over night gel, normal I don’t think these types of overnight creams etc work but wow. Do you wake up with an oily forehead or t-zone? Well this is your life saver, my skin is silky smooth with no oil or shine at all when I wake up the next morning, and it does not dry it out to achieve this which was my worry. Fab products at fab prices.

Vitamin E Hydrating Toner £7.50
Vitamin E Moisture Cream £13.00 

Vitamin E Night Cream £14.00
Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner £7.50
Seaweed Oil Lotion £14.00
Seaweed Overnight Gel £14.00
Seaweed Cream £13.00 

The next thing I looked into was cleansers, masks and exfoliaters, and I wanted one of each. The clay mask was one that grabbed my attention the most as I kept seeing all those black peel masks online. This doesn’t peel it’s just like any other mask but you can feel it working with its fresh scent as it cleans your pores and takes away any excess oil. I use it about once a week and feel a huge difference afterwards. The exfoliator I found was also in the seaweed range and it’s just like most exfoliators but helps tackle the oil while getting rid of excess skin. I also wanted a harsher exfoilator as some times my face does have a lot of dry skin to be cleared of, so I saw a microdermabrasion one in the vitamin c range. I have to say this is not good to use if you have sensitive skin as it is harsh but I only use it when I feel my face needs a good scrubbing. And for the days were I feel like my skin needs a soft facial wash I turn to the vitamin e range again for their gental facial wash which feels like your rubbing moisturiser on your face it’s so soft. 

Seaweed Clay Mask £11.00
Seaweed Exfoliator £11.00
Vitamin E Facial Wash £7.50
Vitamin C Microdermabrasion £18.00

Next up is this amazing product, and honestly nothing beats this! This is a cleansing butter which is used to take off all your make up, you apply it to your face on top of all your make up and it melts it all away. Well you have to wash it off after a few minutes but it is amazing, to see it melt your make up and know that every inch of your face is clean and soft afterwards. That’s hard to find in a make up remover, this is just fantastic and so affordable.

Camomile Cleansing Butter £10.00

Did someone say sale? Oh yes The Body Shop have a fantastic sale on at the moment (mostly in store) but there are some deals online. This is one of their ranges from Christmas the frosted Berries range which just smells like sweeties I absolutely love it! Now they have none of this left online but in stores they had loads as they are making way for new stock, would you believe I got all those items in the photo above for £10.50. Yes. No joke. Get along to your nearest store now to grab some bargains.

Of course I did not just get one bargain, I could not leave without another. So I picked up my favourite scent which is the satsuma range, this is the best smell in the world I don’t care what you people say. I got the 750ml of shower gel and the 13.5oz of body butter (these are giant btw)  and I got them both and a shower scrunchie for £11.40, absolute bargain. You can stil, purchase these online but maybe not at sale price.

Satsuma Range

Last but not least are some of my favourite items I’ve not long been using. Frosted berries lip balm mainly because it’s in the sale and makes my lips taste of skittles. I’ve started wearing it before bed to wake up with lovely soft lips in the morning. I was also introduced to their Insta Blur Primer which is fab if you have oily skin like me, it’s a very weird consistency it’s a clear gel (reminds me or haribos) the texture to it. It hides imperfections and reduces oily, great base for applying foundation on top of. Lastly is one of their new ranges Almond Milk & Honey, which just screams softness to me. This range is for sensitive and dry skin so I picked up one of their hand creams to try it out and it’s lovely. It leaves no residue and soaks in fast to leave lovely smooth hands. 

All in one Insta Blur £15.00
Almond Milk & Honey Hand Cream £4
I highly recommend all their products they are reasonably priced, and are just fab. You don’t need to spend loads on skincare, body care etc. Their products make you feel like you’ve spent loads and that’s hard to find. Let me know if you are loving any of their products just now, if so what’s your favourite? 

Think before you buy – cruelty free products.


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