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My Little Box: April 2017

Good evening everybody, this post is a little later this month as I have under gone an operation so I’ve just been relaxing and watching far too much television. But this box was so lovely I had to find time between bed rest and college work to share it with you guys.

This months theme is My Little Garden Box which is similar to one I’ve had in the past but instead of having plants in it for me to try and grow and kill, it had much better items in it lol.

Garden to Table List

This was such a helpful little thing, a list of fruit and vegetables and which month is best to grow them or buy them. This will be very helpful when I finally have my own place.

Magnetic List Pad

This is so handy to have around the house for shopping lists, to do lists and to add little reminders on to. The fact that is magnetic is even better as it sticks right on to the fridge. The even better thing about this item is the first few pages have healthy recipes for water, smoothies and food. It made me really want to try them considering it lists the ingredients also.


This is such a cute accessory item in this months box, think I’m going to tie it to my R2D2 handbag. The colours are just lovely and my boyfriend said he’s already going to steal it for our holiday in June.

Ape Coconut Bites

Omg these sounded disgusting but they are amazing and they are good for you, I’m hoping my local supermarket will start to stock them or I’ll be asking my little box to send me a stash because they are just so good!!

Mixa Restoring Body Lotion

I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but I suffer from a lot of dry skin as well as psoriasis so I’m hoping that this will help during the little flare ups. Also a brand I’ve never heard of, I enjoy receiving items in my boxes from brands you would never normally look twice at.

My Little Beauty Ginger Shot Mask

I’ve also yet to try this as it’s T.O.M week and my skin is already a mess so I’m reluctant to try any new skin care products on it until it dies down – girl problems. It is a my little beauty item I’ve never received before which is great as I can’t purchase any of their items from the UK

My Little Beauty Gradual Tan

This item I have had a few times in previous boxes but I’m just not a fake tan/gradual tan person. I’m basically the whitest person in the UK but there’s just something I don’t like about tanning products, so this will go into a little drawer for a friend or family. 

That is the one thing I love about getting so many beauty items, is that if I don’t like it or won’t use it I save them all and give them as gifts like a little goodie bag. It’s great as it’s products they would never be able to purchase normally.

Last but not leasts…

My Little Box Water Diffuser Bottle

I have also wanted one of these to be able to add some flavour to my water. I do try to drink my daily amount of water I currently use my hydrate m8 water bottle which is fab but I do like this for taking in my handbag as my other one is very large.

That is everything I received in this months box, sorry it’s a little late. But I’ll be finished my degree in a few weeks so I’ll be able to upload these up in time.

What was your favourite item in this months box? Let me know 😊

Hope you all have a lovely day, evening, morning, where ever you are in the world.

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