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My Little Box – August 2017

Hello everyone, it's been a little while since I posted as I was finishing my degree and started working full time which takes up 99.9% of my time – who said becoming an adult was amazing? It's not.My Little Box arrived and I thought it was a perfect time to start posting again. Although I…… Continue reading My Little Box – August 2017

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My Little Box: April 2017

Good evening everybody, this post is a little later this month as I have under gone an operation so I’ve just been relaxing and watching far too much television. But this box was so lovely I had to find time between bed rest and college work to share it with you guys. This months theme…… Continue reading My Little Box: April 2017

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The Body Shop

Good evening everyone, a blog post has been long overdue since my little box has not arrived yet and I’m currently in bed rest after an operation. So what better to do than tell you about a massive sale and give you some skincare advice. I have been using The Body Shop now since around…… Continue reading The Body Shop

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My Little Box March 2017

Hello everyone, I apologise that this post is later than usual but silly me forgot to update my new bank details on my subscription so it took a little longer to arrive, but it finally did. And it was unbelievably pink. My little no filter box, well technically a bag. I’ve got so many make…… Continue reading My Little Box March 2017

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My Little Box February 2017

Good evening everyone, time to show you my second box of this year. February box from my little box was a mountain themed box filled with things to get you through the rest of the cold season. The little design on the box is so sweet I loved the colours and as always the little…… Continue reading My Little Box February 2017

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Business is Blooming

Good evening everyone, I can’t believe how long it has been since I updated you guys on my little business. Well a lot has happened in a year we had a little rebrand, I kick started my Etsy shop properly, added some new prints and much more. I applied the new brand pattern and colours…… Continue reading Business is Blooming

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My Little Box: January 2017

Hello everyone, I recieved my first box of the year, but this time it was not a box. It was a bag – yes you read that right I recieved my little bag. I was pleasantly surprised but it is not a change they will be making permanently.  The bag was huge and it felt…… Continue reading My Little Box: January 2017

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New Year. New Resolutions.

Hello everyone, crazy that were already three days into 2017. I feel like I’ve achieved absolutely nothing so far, apart from eating far too much food. But I want to change that, so every year we all come up with resolutions that we never stick to. But I am going to talk about a list…… Continue reading New Year. New Resolutions.

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Skincare Routine 

Good evening everyone, I have recently updated my skincare routine as I’ve been purchasing loads of goodies from The Body Shop. So instead of purchasing my usual No.7 skincare I decided to try out The Body Shop’s range, for two reasons; one because it’s so affordable and two because they don’t test on animals. It…… Continue reading Skincare Routine 

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Cash for Kids

Cash for kids is a charity that help to give children aged 0-18 that are less unfortunate Christmas presents. I had passed the collection box in my local supermarket last week and thought I had to do my part. My mum mentioned that they were struggling for teenage gifts more than anything so I decided…… Continue reading Cash for Kids

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My Little Christmas Box: 2016

Happy December everyone🎄 It is my favourite time of year, when it’s time to get the heating up full, get your winter jackets out from the back of your wardrobe, hot chocolate at any point in the day, and of course Christmas 🎅 So today my little box arrived, always excited for my Christmas box as…… Continue reading My Little Christmas Box: 2016

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Advent: Day 1

Good evening everyone, it’s officially December which means only one thing – chocolate every morning before breakfast. Well chocolate and beauty items for me, this year I finally treated myself to a beauty advent calendar. I didn’t want just a make – up one I wanted one where I’d mostly love everything inside.  So I…… Continue reading Advent: Day 1


Spellbinding Firework Display

Good evening everyone, the clocks going back last night have completely boggled me, it is 5pm but feels like 7pm so thought I’d do a little post to keep me awake. About two weeks ago me and my mum were trying to find a good fireworks display to go to this year. The one local…… Continue reading Spellbinding Firework Display

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My Little Box: October 2016

Good evening everyone, this month’s post is a little late due to millions of college work, who said a degree was easy? Anyway, I needed a break from reports, presentations and briefs so what better to do that a blog post to relax me(I also have an ill puppy on my lap). This month’s box was My…… Continue reading My Little Box: October 2016

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Weekend in Paris

Hello everyone, I have been dying to write this post since I came home but it has been a rather busy week. As many of you know last weekend I went away to Paris for two nights, my boyfriend had planned it as a surprise for my birthday – brownie points. So it all began…… Continue reading Weekend in Paris

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20 Things to do this Autumn/Winter

Hello everyone, thought I’d do a little post on things to do this autumn/winter and my adorable other half wrote this list for us to do and most of the stuff either doesn’t cost much or costs nothing at all. Also this stuff you can do with your friends and family or your partner whatever…… Continue reading 20 Things to do this Autumn/Winter


My Birthday.

Hello everyone, as some of you may know it was my Birthday on Wednesday just two days after my furry friend Woody’s. He was meant to be mine, anyway I turned 22 *que Taylor Swift* and now I’m feeling old!  So my day started off with college in the morning where all my college buddies…… Continue reading My Birthday.


My Puppy’s First Birthday

Good evening everyone, I was going to wait until tomorrow to do this post but got too excited after looking at all the photos. If you love cute puppy’s then you will want to keep reading. Today was my fluffy bestfriends 1st birthday!! My Little partner in crime shares a birthday week with me, was…… Continue reading My Puppy’s First Birthday


My Little Box – September 2016

That time in the month where I get a present from me to me, my little box from Paris has arrived. This month’s box was parisian themed which I love because I’m actually going to Paris for the first time at the end of this month, so it’s definitely got me in the Paris spirit.…… Continue reading My Little Box – September 2016


Beauty Splurge 

It has came to that time where I’m scraping at the bottom of my foundation jar, squeezing out the last of my primer and shaking the last of my perfume out of the bottle. That time where everything needs to be replenished. The time where your bank account goes from riches to rags. But it’s…… Continue reading Beauty Splurge 


My Little Box: July 2016

Hello everyone, it has been a beautiful day here in Scotland – hottest day of the year in fact and I thought what better to do than photograph my little box in the lovely sunshine. Do you know it is exactly a year since I started to subscribe to my little box, I still find…… Continue reading My Little Box: July 2016


A very happy day!

Good evening everyone, Today has been a very good day and I thought I’d share it with all of you people around the world. For the last couple of months I have been doing my graded unit for my course, I am currently/just finished studying my HND in Graphic Design. During this I also done…… Continue reading A very happy day!


My Little Box: June 2016

Hello. That time of the month again where my little box from Paris has arrived on my doorstep, excited to open it to see what summer goodies the box contains. Summer Vibes was this month’s theme as summer is upon us, although here in Scotland it’s pouring with rain – what’s new to be honest.…… Continue reading My Little Box: June 2016


My Own Little Shop

Hello everyone, Currently lying in bed after an eight hour shift thinking of what I could do my next post on and remembered about something exciting I done this week. I HAVE MY OWN ONLINE SHOP!! 🎉 As most of you may know I made a page on Facebook for personalised prints to earn a…… Continue reading My Own Little Shop


My Little Box: May 2016

Hello everyone, That time of the month where I share with you my little box subscription. My little dolce vita box, meaning pleasure and luxury. True Italian style, filled with items that make me want to pack my suitcase and go to Italy for the weekend. Let’s get down to contents then shall we… My…… Continue reading My Little Box: May 2016

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Graded Unit

Hello,  This is not going to be a normal post today, as it is a post that your able to get involved with. So the lack of new posts is due to me doing my graded unit at the moment which has been very stressful and taking up most of my time. I am having…… Continue reading Graded Unit


My Little Box: April 2016

My Little Box, I should be saying My Little Book. Yup that’s right this month’s box was more a book, although there were no pages it contained some lovely things. The design and colours are lovely, spring was finally here! Ok let’s get down to what was inside… Beauty – My Little Beauty Detoxifying Mask…… Continue reading My Little Box: April 2016


Anxiety is overwhelming

I’m at the point in my life where I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall, I suppose everyone reaches this stage at least once or even many times in their life. But I feel stuck, stuck on a journey where I don’t know what the destination is, I mean I know I’m only twenty…… Continue reading Anxiety is overwhelming

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My Little Bubble Box: March 2016

Hello everyone, your going to be so proud of me I’m actually on time this month with my little box review, normally I forget and it’s at the end of the month by the time I write this but I received my box today and I’m writing this post on the exact same day -…… Continue reading My Little Bubble Box: March 2016

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Hello everyone, I thought I’d do a little post on something that you can buy & make for you mum this Mother’s Day. I came up with the idea when searching on what to get my mum this year, I always like tot get her something different each year that isn’t just flowers and a…… Continue reading Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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My Little Box: February 2016

Evening Everyone! Yes, it is that time of the month again where I get to share my little box theme and its contents, not going to lie I was expecting a love box this month because of valentines day. But was pleasantly surprised with what I received, My Little Home Box. This box appealed to…… Continue reading My Little Box: February 2016


New workout!

Hello everyone, as you know I’ve started working out again, only a couple times a week and doing a ten to fifteen minute workout. Nothing major just enough to keep me in shape and make a more positive start to my day. I follow a lot of Anna Saccone’s workouts with Lucy WyndhamRead as you…… Continue reading New workout!


My Little Box: January

Hello everyone! Finally my little box arrived from France, it arrived pretty late I was worrying it wasn’t going to appear lol. But it came and it was worth the wait. My little wish box, what better way to start the year than a list of wishes, well that is exactly what they popped on…… Continue reading My Little Box: January

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Amazon for Free!

Hello everyone, today I thought I’d be extra kind and share a little secret with you guys. I have discovered how to get Amazon prime for free, yes free free free! If you are a student and university or college all you have to do is click this link below and pop your student email…… Continue reading Amazon for Free!

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Productive Sunday

Hello everyone! Today I’ve been in such a productive mood, I’ve managed to get up to date on all my college stuff. Most of you know I am studying Graphic Design at college, in the second year of my HND. We’ve just been told that the degree students are having to interview us for their…… Continue reading Productive Sunday

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Trouble Sleeping?

Having trouble sleeping? Tossing & turning throughout the night? Walking up super early? Just can’t get a good nights sleep? I have a little tip for you guys, one that you have probably heard loads but I also know a few things you might not. Hot milk. What a life saver this has been since…… Continue reading Trouble Sleeping?

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New Year. New Stuff.

Hello! Today I got a multiple boxes delivered to my house as I went a bit crazy on pay day, the size of one box made me think I’d bought half of ASOS. Oops! Anyway, I thought I’d do a little haul and show you everything I bought as the offers on most of them…… Continue reading New Year. New Stuff.


January Workout

Hello.. It’s that time of year where we all kid ourselves in to saying I’m gonna be fitter this year and workout more. So yes I’m being one of those people lol, I’m only working out to feel better about myself and to feel more positive not to lose weight – to be honest I…… Continue reading January Workout

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2015 recap & hello to 2016

Hello, thought I’d do one of those recaps on the year to start back. I’ve had the best & the toughest year of my life, so many amazing things happened but I didn’t get to share them with one special woman. I started off the year in the worst place, just lost my special granny and…… Continue reading 2015 recap & hello to 2016



Happy December folks! So it’s been about two weeks but this little fella has kept me so busy I haven’t been able to share the news with all you guys around the world, meet Woody 🌟 He’s a cocker spaniel show type and he’s my new best friend! He’s great, he’s had some adventures over…… Continue reading I GOT A PUPPY!!


My Little Box: November – My Little Sweet Box

Hello everyone, I forgot to tell you last months box but to be honest this one is probably my favourite so far!! Novembers box was My Little Sweet Box How cute is that!! It wasn’t an actual box this time either it was a tin box which is perfect for storing sweets which I tend…… Continue reading My Little Box: November – My Little Sweet Box


My Little Box: September

Hello everyone, Yes this is extremely late as my box was also late last month and never came until I was in New York, so I haven’t had much chance to do a post as I’ve been un well. But anyways better late than never they say… My Little Fashion Box was this month’s theme,…… Continue reading My Little Box: September


21st Birthday & NYC

Hello again everyone! I thought I’d update you guys on the last two weeks that I’ve had since it was my 21st Birthday and then I jetted off to New York City with my best friend for five nights! I’m home now and currently in bed feeling sorry for myself – full of the cold…… Continue reading 21st Birthday & NYC

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The Scorch Trials Book & Movie Review

Hello everyone, Little warning: If you have not read ‘The Scorch Trials’ or seen the movie ‘ The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials’ then please do not continue to read as there will be many spoilers, sorry! Ok, so erm WOW!!! I finished the book on Wednesday evening as I don’t like to finish the…… Continue reading The Scorch Trials Book & Movie Review


My Workout Routine

Hello everyone! As you know I started working out again about three weeks ago as I felt healthy enough to do so again. I thought to myself I better take a photo before my first workout so I’m able to look back and see how my body has changed. Well I’ve been working out twice…… Continue reading My Workout Routine


I made cupcakes!

Hello everyone! Ive had a very productive day today, after being ill all weekend with a migraine – which hasn’t disappeared completely yet – which made me bed bound, so doing nothing all weekend had drove me crazy. Also I had just started working out again last week after finally being healthy enough. So since…… Continue reading I made cupcakes!


Entirely Your Own: Update

Hello! Recently I told you about my prints that I had made for my mum and that I set up an Etsy page, well I have now made a Facebook page. It has taken off a storm, I’ve made over £200 in a week and a half since I made it. I thought it was…… Continue reading Entirely Your Own: Update


My Little Box: August

Hello there! It’s that time of the month where I share with you what was in my little box from France. So this month’s box just arrived yesterday and I got so excited when the postman came, this month’s theme is Gypset… I had never heard of that word before but I instantly knew the…… Continue reading My Little Box: August