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My Little Box: April 2017

Good evening everybody, this post is a little later this month as I have under gone an operation so I’ve just been relaxing and watching far too much television. But this box was so lovely I had to find time between bed rest and college work to share it with you guys. This months theme…… Continue reading My Little Box: April 2017

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My Little Box: January 2017

Hello everyone, I recieved my first box of the year, but this time it was not a box. It was a bag – yes you read that right I recieved my little bag. I was pleasantly surprised but it is not a change they will be making permanently.  The bag was huge and it felt…… Continue reading My Little Box: January 2017

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New Year. New Resolutions.

Hello everyone, crazy that were already three days into 2017. I feel like I’ve achieved absolutely nothing so far, apart from eating far too much food. But I want to change that, so every year we all come up with resolutions that we never stick to. But I am going to talk about a list…… Continue reading New Year. New Resolutions.

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Skincare Routine 

Good evening everyone, I have recently updated my skincare routine as I’ve been purchasing loads of goodies from The Body Shop. So instead of purchasing my usual No.7 skincare I decided to try out The Body Shop’s range, for two reasons; one because it’s so affordable and two because they don’t test on animals. It…… Continue reading Skincare Routine 

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My Little Box: July

Hello hello hello! You must be wondering why I’m going to be talking about my July box in August but as you know I signed up to a site called My Little Box. Well I signed up on the 21st of July so I only just received my box yesterday and wow it was everything…… Continue reading My Little Box: July

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Entirely Your Own

Hello everyone! Yesterday my mum wanted to take advantage of my graphic design skills – currently studying at college – to make some prints for her to frame and put up in the living room so I put these together… And then she wanted one for her bedroom so I made this… I was really…… Continue reading Entirely Your Own

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My Little Discovery

So yunno those Facebook suggestions that are really annoying and just get in your road? Well I came across one the other day that looked interesting called ‘My Little Box’ so I clicked on it and it took me to this lovely website. It’s a French company that makes up little gift boxes that you…… Continue reading My Little Discovery

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Netflix: OITNB 🔶

Hello hello hello! I do apologise for my absence on Monday, I’ve been super busy doing over time at my work and my asthma has been a bit of a pain in the behind. I’ve also been binge watching the brand new season of Orange is the New Black🔶⬛️🔶, like everyone else in the world.…… Continue reading Netflix: OITNB 🔶

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No7 Skincare & Beauty Review

Hello everyone, I thought I’d do something different and post a skincare & beauty review as its been nearly four weeks since I started a new skincare routine as my skin was a disaster. I took to Facebook and Google to do some research on the best skin products, but it was difficult because different…… Continue reading No7 Skincare & Beauty Review

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If any one is suffering from what I am now suffering from – anxiety, this post on Elite Daily really helped me to open my eyes to the way I was with people in the past and how I need to be in the future.'s not my anxiety that makes people leave, it’s their mistakes.…… Continue reading Anxiety

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In your twenties

Being in your twenties can really suck, its the most stressful part in your life where you have to be a ‘grown up’ its confusing and stressful but yet enjoyable at the same time, its pretty fucked up. A lot of us – if your like me – spend our time second guessing ourselves and…… Continue reading In your twenties

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New York Baby!

I’ve been blabbing on about New York for a while now as my best friend and I have decided to go for our 21st birthdays this year, now I can say WE HAVE BOOKED IT!!! Finally got round to booking it and I can’t explain how excited I am! We got such an amazing price…… Continue reading New York Baby!


It’s hard being twenty.

After being single for over a year I have came to a realisation. Being single at twenty is hard, being single at twenty while studying a degree is hard, being single at twenty while studying for a degree and working at a supermarket the only days you have off college is hard. Trying to find…… Continue reading It’s hard being twenty.

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New chapter

Hello, and happy new year!!! I always seem to start my posts with “oh it’s been a while, sorry” but the truth is this time I had no idea what to write as I’ve been lost for words since what me and my family had to cope with over the Christmas break. 17.12.14 I think…… Continue reading New chapter

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Billy & Me…

So as promised I’m back to reading my book after a little break, I’m on chapter 19 and only have 9 more chapters to go which are relatively small so I need to finish them by Monday at least because I haven’t been able to read Christmas with Billy & Me and I’m in such…… Continue reading Billy & Me…

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My Monday morning

Good morning folks! I’m going to make you all super jealous as you can see my Monday breakfast above. I need sugar in the morning if I’m going to function so early! Had to get up out by cosy bed to take my mum to work so I’m treating myself to a chocomallow and a…… Continue reading My Monday morning


Bra off. Hair up. Pj’s on.

Every girl is the exact same as soon as you get home from college, uni or work we follow this routine nearly every day. Well I’d say mostly single girls as we have nothing better to do with ourselves – yes I’m single don’t judge. But even if I had a boyfriend I would probably…… Continue reading Bra off. Hair up. Pj’s on.

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New hair alert!!

Fellow bloggers, I went through a hugeeeee change… I got bangs! Major hair change! My mum was trying to tell me that if I got a fringe that it would make me look older, because I look 12 when I’m 20. It’s depressing. I’m trying to get used to it but God it never wants…… Continue reading New hair alert!!



You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read. Five years ago today I was 14 - nearly 15 - and I had a huge group of friends, not that am bragging cause I'm certainly not, everyone in my year… Continue reading Quote